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Marilyn Monroe’s Post-Mortem Abuse

Marilyn Monroe (born Norma Jeane Mortenson) is one of if not the most famous actresses in Hollywood history. From singing “Happy Birthday Mr. President” to her skirt blowing up in the wind, she is a pop culture staple. However, her life was sadly cut short on August 4th, 1962 when she died of a drug overdose. I’ve previously discussed the abuse Marilyn suffered through when she was alive. I’m not going to discuss how she was abused even in death. So trigger warning, we are going to get into some gnarly stuff, including a picture of her body leaving her home (her body is covered though but still don’t continue if you don’t wanna see that)

Once Marilyn’s body was discovered, it was a media circus. Flashing lights and paparazzi swarmed her Brentwood home, trying to get a photo of the Blonde Bombshells corpse that a magazine would pay top dollar for. They crossed the yellow police caution tape and flooded every inch of her home. They cared more about their bank accounts then the death of a 36 year old starlet.

Right: Marilyn posing for a paparazzo. Left: Marilyn’s body leaving her Brentwood home

Once her body arrived at the morgue, it is rumored that for 24 hours, her body was left on the slab with little to no one checking in on her or watching her. Though this has never been confirmed, there are pictures of her body on the slab that did not com from the medical examiner, and a lot of people think the guards working at the morgue were easily bribed to allow photographers in to poke and prod her body for the covers of their respective magazines.

Even in death, she was still forced to be Marilyn Monroe. Norma Jeane died long before Marilyn did. In 1956, Marilyn converted to Judaism following her marriage to the author of “Death of a Salesmen” Arthur Miller. Though their marriage didn’t last, her connection to the Jewish faith did. Even after her divorce was finalized, she continued to describe herself as a “Jewish atheist” when asked about her religion. Despite her Jewish faith, Marilyn was not buried in a Jewish cemetery, but instead a regular cemetery in Los Angeles.

Marilyn’s certificate of conversion to Judaism.

But even once she was put to rest, we still couldn’t leave her alone. The two plots next to her were sold to Joe DiMaggio and Hugh Hefner. The first being her ex-husband who beat her, and the second being the man who illegally put her naked pictures on the first Playboy magazine. Maybe now, 61 years after her death, we can finally let her rest in peace.

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