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In Defense of Hotchner

Anyone who watches or has watched Criminal Minds falls into one of two camps. One who hates SSA Aaron Hotchner, or one who loves SSA Aaron Hotchner. Throughout the 11 seasons he was on the show, he was one of the most tumultuous characters on the show. I will admit, up until recently I fell into the “Hotchner Hatred” camp. He always just seemed so cold, and while yes that was part of his character, at times it went too far. From his refusal to trust Prentiss when she first joins the team in season two to his attitude when something goes wrong, he is the personification of a block of ice. Despite his coldness, I still do think there are many reasons to love SSA Aaron Hotchner, here are just a few.

  1. His character

While yes he is very cold and stern, once you’ve become accustomed to the character he is actually rather enjoyable. While other members of the team may be more hesitant to chew someone out, Hotchner almost seems to get enjoyment out of it. He is very okay with being strict and mean when he needs to be. This makes him a sharp contrast from the rest of the team.

2. His kindness

Hotchner may be stern, but he is one of the kindest characters on the show. From helping Reid overcome his drug addiction, to holding the hand of a serial killer as she dies, Hotchner knows how to bring down his shields when he needs to. This makes him a very dynamic character, as he is able to switch from stern to incredibly caring in just a matter of seconds.

3. His Trauma

Hotchner’s sad life is often overlooked on the show. From suffering abuse at the hands of this father to his ex-wife being shot while he was on the phone with her and leaving him a single dad, Hotchner has a lot of trauma in his life. Despite this, he still looks after his son and his team.

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