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Rihanna’s Halftime Show

Last night during the Super Bowl halftime show, she absolutely killed it. No if’s and’s or but’s, Rihanna absolutely slayed. The theatricality of it all was to die for. So, what did Rihanna do right in her performance and what could of been improved upon?

Firstly, the not so subtle promotion of her makeup brand was incredible. Her stopping midway to fix her makeup was also a good way to lighten the mood. I think the outfits and choreography were all incredible, but I wish Rihanna herself would have partaken more in said choreography. We now know that she is in her second trimester of pregnancy, but when everyone around you is doing very intense choreography and you aren’t doing as much, it is sadly a bit noticeable. The outfits themselves though were awesome, Rihanna in red while the rest of the dancers were in white definitely made a lasting visual impression on the audience. The platforms themselves she was preforming on were incredible, how she was able to sing on them while they were floating was incredible, especially since the bottom of it was glass and she appeared to only be strapped in by one cord.

The main complaint with the show was the setlist. While it was awesome how many hits she was able to get in, that was also kind of the problem. She would do about a minute of one song and then jump to another, we never really got time to sit and enjoy a lot of the songs as it was very quick to switch songs. But again, this could also be a good thing depending on how you look at is, as she was able to do many of her songs she wouldn’t have been able to without this. This was probably done because there were so many hits to choose from.


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