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I’m So Hot by Chrissy Chlapecka

If you live on the internet like I do, you’ve definitely heard of Chrissy Chlapecka. Chrissy is a content creator mostly on tiktok (as that is where her biggest audience is) and her content focuses a lot on self love, gay rights, destroying sexists, and singing. Chrissy really got her start in 2020, where videos of her calling herself a bimbo went viral. This started a movement on tiktok of people reclaiming their femineity and sexuality. A lot of women began reclaiming the word bimbo because of this. The term bimbo can still be used in a harmful context, but is now also often a word involved with self-empowerment.

As I stated, Chrissy also does some singing videos, so her releasing a single was incredibly exciting. She teased the song about a month in advance by making of videos of her strutting around crowded Chicago streets in a big fur coat, bikini and stripper heels to the chorus.

“I’m, I’m in the mirror thinkin’ that between my thighs
I’m dripping diamonds, know you wanna taste, but why?
Why would I bother with touching anybody else? (‘Cause I’m)
I’m so hot I’d fuck myself.”

The song of course began to become very popular even before it’s release. Not just because of who it was by, but because it’s actually a really good song. It is a very well produced pop song. It has an upbeat backing track that sets the tone, while Chrissy’s vocals tell us the story. It is a good mix of modern pop and the type of pop that was big in 2013, which is not a bad thing!

A lot of tiktokers who make music usually rely heavily on others, but not Chrissy. Firstly, she is one of two writers credited on the song, so not only is she an incredible song writer, but also a singer! You can tell this is her real voice, and very little if no autotune is used. Basically, I’m very excited to see what Chrissy continues to put out, and I look forward to supporting her music career!


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