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Female Performers and Pregnancy

Last night during her Halftime Show performance, Rihanna revealed she was expecting her second child. That itself is amazing, a woman revealing her pregnancy to the world while performing on one of the most watched televised events of the year! Despite this though, I couldn’t help but notice the pattern of female performers revealing their pregnancy during televised events. The most famous example of this would probably be Beyonce in 2011 where she revealed during her MTV performance she was pregnant. Another example would be in 2018 during her SNL performance, the camera panned down during Cardi B’s performance of “Be Careful” to reveal a baby bump. Even a few weeks ago, KeKe Palmer announced her pregnancy during her SNL monologue.

It is super awesome that female performers feel comfortable enough and proud enough to announce this on the worlds stage, but it is also kind of sad that we expect female performers to announce these things publicly and not privately. When Kylie Jenner only announced she was pregnant after the baby’s birth, there was mass outrage that she didn’t tell everyone she was expecting. In the modern entertainment industry, women having kids can kind of be a career ruining thing sadly. But when they do have kids, it is expected they share the whole process with the world. People like Katy Perry, who are more private with their children are sometimes seen as selfish from not flaunting their children to the world. I think this just shows a more major problem in our society. Whatever a woman does, it’s wrong. If she doesn’t want to have kids she’s seen as selfish, if she does it’s selfish she takes time off from her career. If she shares her children with the world, it’s flaunting, but if she hides them she’s being overly protective. Basically men find a way to make everything a woman does an issue.


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