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The Longevity of Sugar & Spice

“We’re Sugar and Spice, the dolls that came to life!” Is the catchphrase of these iconic drag twins. Having gotten their start on tiktok, these twins had over a million followers even before season 15 started filming! I was so excited when it was announced these two would be on drag race, especially since I’ve been following them for almost two years now. Sadly though, all good things must come to an end, and in the third episode, Sugar and Spice lipsynced against each other, which ended in Sugar having to sashay away.

There is one problem now though. How is Spice going to do without Sugar? Don’t get me wrong, both are incredibly talented and I know that Spice has more than enough charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent to hold her own, but the question is, has she figured out how to harness it yet?

Sugar and Spice have always been a packaged deal. One is almost never seen without the other. All of their tiktoks feature them, and even on their individual Instagram’s the two are hardly separated. Because of this, the twins rely on each other. In Sugar’s Watcha Packin, she explained how she is the one who sews most if not all of their outfits, and considering next week is a sewing challenge, Spice could be in trouble.

I’m just worried how Spice is going to deal with a Sugar-less life on the show. There are two possible outcomes.

  1. Spice spirals and is sent home within the next few episodes
  2. Spice finds her own and slays

Let’s start with the first possibility. From what we’ve seen from the teaser of this weeks episode, Spice seems very distraught. She is telling another queen how there are girls who should of gone home instead of Sugar. This is an understandable reaction from Spice, but in a competition setting this isn’t going to go over well. Without her beloved twin, there is a possibility Spice may not see a reason to try as hard or won’t have a reason to do such, leading to an elimination.

There is also a possibility Spice finds out how to hold her own! She is incredibly talented so I have no doubts she can make it to the top, the question is just can she without Sugar by her side? The editors of drag race are also notoriously shady, so even if Spice is spiraling, they may keep her on to see what sort of tornado she makes for live tv.


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