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Looking back on 1989

1989 came out almost 9 years ago, but I still remember it very vividly. Though I was a lot younger than I am now when it came out (duh it was nine years ago) I still consider that album a very important part of not just my life, but one of the best pop albums ever.

I still remember seeing the Blank Space music video for the first time and being absolutely awe-struck as Taylor smashed the headlights of a fancy looking car in with a golf club. As she destroyed paintings paintings and shirts in pure anger, as she sang “boys only want love if it’s torture”. I remember belting that lyric even though at the time I didn’t understand the true emotion of it, and I still don’t really. This album was not seriously appreciated enough when it came out. It was Taylor’s first true pop album, and for a lot of people it was considered a joke. Shake it Off was seen as a “mall song” and was considered the epitome of mindless pop. Others, like me however, see the genius of this album. The thing a lot of people don’t understand about pop music is there is a lot of meaning and emotion behind the lyrics. People think that just because the beats are “Basic” or “bubbly” the songs automatically are bad. I think this misconception is what hurt 1989. A lot of people just assumed it was just a dumb pop album, even though no matter the genre, Taylor always has so much emotion and meaning behind her lyrics.

The one other problem with 1989 is that its super fans compare it to every other Taylor Swift album. Reputation, the album that followed 1989 was heavily compared to it, and since Taylor had just switched to pop, the sudden switch to a more hip hop style feel was not widely received. However, the genius of reputation is a topic for another day.

As someone with fond memories of 1989, I look forward to the Taylor’s Version release of it, but until then, I will continue to listen to the original.


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