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Are we responsible for Amy Winehouse’s Death?

Amy Winehouse is one of my favorite artists of all time, and in my humble opinion, one of the most talented as well. Sadly though, her life was cut short at the age of 27 due to alcohol poisoning. Her death was ruled a tragic, yet not surprising accident. Now I’m not here to argue Amy was a victim of conspiracy theory or she was murdered. On the night of July 23rd 2011, Amy drank herself to death, that’s it. No if’s and’s or buts. However, is it possible our treatment of her had aided in her premature death?

Amy had a speedy rise to fame with the release of her first album Frank, but with that came substance abuse, which was only worsened after meeting Blake Fielder-Civil, who eventually became her husband and by his own admission, introduced her to harder substances like heroin.

Amy’s struggles with substances lead to a lot of attention from the British tabloids. From camping outside her house to mocking her slurring words, they single handedly destroyed the once beloved vocalist. About a year before her death, Amy was ranked the second most hated celebrity in Britain which at the same time had chart-topping songs. Sadly, the British presses treatment of Amy wasn’t that different to their treatment of Princess Diana, and we all know what happened to Lady Di.

So how did the tabloids accelerate her death? Well, when you are calling someone an untalented, deranged crackhead everyday, that is going to result in negative effects on her mental health. Around the time the hounding got really bad was also around the time her and her husband got a divorce, which was already making her mental health worse. Every mistake, stumble, and slur of her words became fodder for articles. If the British press had simply left Amy alone and didn’t stalk her every move, she would of had time in private to heal instead of being expected to heal which being on every magazine cover. This caused her to become more reliant on the substances she was already becoming dangerously reliant on. Because of this Amy pushed her limit of the amount of alcohol she knew she could drink so try and distract herself from everything. This was made even more dangerous because she had managed to stop drinking for a while, so a sudden influx in a large amount of alcohol killed her.


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