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Jisoo’s Solo

Jisoo Kim, better known by her first name Jisoo, is a member of the famous Korean girl group BLACKPINK. Jisoo’s role in the group is as lead vocalist, but despite this she is the only member of the group to not have a solo song. What is going on?

As Jisoo is the lead vocals of the group, most would expect that by default, she would be the one to get a solo first. She probably has the best singing voice right? While who has the best singing voice is up for debate, Jisoo’s solo is MIA. Despite in early 2022 her saying her solo was yet to come.

A reason for this may be Jisoo’s perception from fans. She is the least followed member of the group on social media, and is also the oldest which can sometimes make her be seen as undesirable. Her other group members have released solo’s in some English or all English, as they may now be more popular in the West than in Korea. Jisoo, by her own admission struggles with English, something that may be holding back her solo. While yes Jisoo does sing in English in the groups songs, she still does mostly sing in Korean. No shade to Jisoo, English is very hard, but it’s sad to think that her management may be holding her back because of this.

Jisoo is also considered the worst dancer of the group, which isn’t even fair because her group members are those who have been dancing their whole lives. All of this leads to Jisoo being overlooked and overshadowed by her group members, Jennie, Rosè, and Lisa. I do hope that someday soon Jisoo’s solo is released as she has an incredibly angelic and talented voice. Though, that day is sadly not today.


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