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Back to Black

Back to Black by Amy Winehouse is one of the best albums of all time. Her sultry jazz voice is amplified through smooth drum beats and piano cords. My favorite song from the album however, is the title track Back to Black. The song is one of the best songs ever made, and I’m here to tell you why.

One of the first great things about this song is how perfect it is for Amy’s voice. The slow drums mixed with almost silent piano and guitar allows her voice to ring throughout your brain. She also at times just lets the music play and doesn’t sing. She knows when her voice needs to do the story telling, and when the instrumental needs to do so. You can really see how much she was influenced by her idol Frank Sinatra with this, as he was a master of this as well. Famously, she loved Frank Sinatra so much she named her first album after him, but that is a story for another day.

This song is the perfect revenge or break up song. Amy talks about how she “only said goodbye with words” something almost everyone can relate to. A feeling where yes you physically said the words goodbye, but mentally and psychologically you haven’t. Because of this, Amy is going “back to black” going back to a darker point in her life. Even the music video shows this dark side, with the entire music video shot in black and white as Amy goes to and attends the funeral of an unknown someone.

The song is just one of the most perfect songs not just of Amy Winehouse’s discography, not just of 21st century music, but one of the best songs of all time. So please I beg of you, listen to Back to Black by Amy Winehouse.


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