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The Padmé Problem

Before we start I would like to get one thing clear. I am a very causal Star Wars fan. About once a year I become hyperfixated on the films, and then two weeks later completely forget about it for another year. I would also like to get one thing very clear. Padmé Amidala is…or was, a badass. Just look at the picture above! It exudes her power and determination! The few times I do think about Star Wars when I’m not hyperfixating on it, I’m thinking about Padme. But as much as I love Padme there is one problem with her, her death.

Padme famously dies in childbirth after giving birth to the infamous Skywalker twins, vowing to Obi-Wan “he (Anakin) still has good in him”. No one really questions Padme’s death, it’s ruled that she gave up and died of a broken heart, but I don’t think that’s a case, and for the only time in Star Wars I agree with Emperor Palpatine, Vader killed Padme.

“But author!” I hear you shout, “how could Anakin have killed Padme?! He loved her and was nowhere near her at the time of his death! He was on an operating table getting put back together again like Humpty Dumpty!” Well dear reader that is true, but what is Anakin doing right before he goes on the operating table? Well besides becoming Skywalker sashimi and loosing the high ground?

He chokes his heavily pregnant wife, to the point where she passes out. She also doesn’t get medical attention for a while, as Obi Wan is busying famously gaining the high ground.

Once Obi Wan gets her to a medical facility, she surprisingly gives birth to twins. Which also side note. For an incredibly technologically advanced society that can reattach limbs, have laser swords, and can travel billions of miles in mere seconds, they haven’t figured out ultrasounds yet? The medical system in our favorite galaxy far far away is a topic for another blog post however.

Anyways, after being choked, Padme goes into labor at 7 months pregnant, which would be incredibly dangerous to anyone, but especially to someone after being choked to the point of being passed out. This was the REAL cause of Padme’s death. Not a broken heart, not giving up, but she died after not having enough oxygen to survive to process of giving birth.

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