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Previously, I have discussed Lady Gaga’s 4th studio album ARTPOP, it’s impact, it’s meaning, and why it is so much more important than we give it credit for. ARTPOP recently celebrated it’s ninth birthday this weekend, and much to the delight of Little Monsters, it appears ARTPOP Act II is on the horizon.

DJ White Shadow, the main producer of ARTPOP released a statement teasing that “this day next year, you will have ARTPOP Act II.” This delighted many fans, including myself. Would we finally get to hear more of the over 90 songs written for the album? Why is it getting teased over a year in advance? If it’s confirmed, why hasn’t Gaga herself said anything? Is it offically going to be released on the 10th anniversary or is DJ White Shadow just trying to pressure Gaga into releasing it by announcing it himself? Though we don’t know the answer to these questions, here is what we do know about ARTPOP Act II.

The songs:

Gaga had teased, and even released some of the scrapped songs from the album. Among those she has told us of, the most probable to be on the album are… Brooklyn Nights, Princess Die, Onion Girl, Cake Like Lady Gaga, PARTYNAUSEOUS, and Nothing On (but the radio).

I say these are the most promising to be released cause they are the most well known scrap songs. The official audio for Brooklyn Nights has over three million views on YouTube. Princess Die was a song Gaga performed a few times during the Born this Way Ball. PARTYNAUSEOUS was also performed during the artRAVE along with Cake like Lady Gaga. Onion Girl is just a fan favorite because of it’s title, almost nothing else is known about the song. And Nothing On (But the Radio) is a song Gaga has had and been reworking since about 2010, constantly trying to get it to match the vibes of the album she was currently working on.

Will ARTPOP Act II have a tour?:

That’s harder to say. Gaga in the past said she would love to go on tour with ARTPOP Act II, but now as she is currently filming her latest blockbuster, time to choreograph and prepare for a tour that would be less than two years away is incredibly limited.


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