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Extreme Ironing: The Best Sport Out There

Much like I was last week, you are probably rather perplexed about what extreme ironing even is? Is this some internet joke that went too far, similar to the infamous Area 51 raid of 2019? Is this just some Photoshop trend that is tricking people? While both of those are very plausible deduction, they aren’t nearly as cool as the real answer.

According to the Extreme Ironing Bureau, Extreme Ironing is “the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt.” What started off as a man trying to get his chore of ironing done while going rock climbing, soon became an international phenomenon.

Extreme Ironing is not just a free for all sport. It actually has rules and regulations, mostly around where you can iron, and the type of iron you can use. For example, the use of a plastic iron is strictly prohibited, and the iron must be made of well…iron. The size of the board itself also has regulations, having to be of a specific size and shape.

Extreme Ironing was first started by a British man in 1997. After the invention of his sport, he decided to travel across Europe and Oceania to show it off. The sport is most popular in Germany, and despite it not being very popular in North America, social media is slowly changing that.

Extreme Ironing has helped create other new sports as well. Bungee ironing, where the participant irons while bungee jumping, is considered “ultimate thrill of extreme ironing”. Extreme Cello playing has also become a viral new sport, following in Extreme Ironing footsteps.

Surprisingly, the unproblematic Extreme Ironing has a rival. The Urban Housework group, is a group centered around a vacuuming based sport. The two groups see each other as their enemy and are often trying to prove themselves as the better and original sport.


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